Course is divided into 3 blocks reflecting day to day work of physical trader. Each block builds upon preceding one.
Below stated order of the blocks is maintained to accurately reflect the typical work-flow at the trader’s position.
  • introduction to commodities markets
  • market participants
  • demand and supply (numbers tell the story)
  • how to find opportunities to profit in current commodities market
  • understanding physical and paper markets
  • where to find information and how to interpret it
  • case studies
  • methods of trading
  • back to back trading
  • taking position (physically and through paper/derivatives market)
  • Incoterms
  • negotiations
  • building and maintaining relations
  • terminology/jargon
  • case studies
  • contracts (how to draft them and what to pay attention to)
  • transport (marine vessels, barges, trucks, rail, multi modal)
  • specs (quality issues and blending)
  • warehousing
  • financing
  • cash flow management
  • when things go wrong (arbitration and mediation)
  • risk management
  • case studies


Check our infographic below: