Mission of physical Commodities Academy in London

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Mission of physical Commodities Academy in London is to attract talents into industry we love, train them and present with prospects for further professional development.

Physical commodities trading requires a highly specialized set of skills, which can be relatively quickly taught to candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Since physical commodities trading includes aspects of market research and analysis/logistics/warehousing/contract formation/quality management/derivatives markets and international trade, the training is both interesting and unique in its profile.

Due to its uniqueness it dictates certain premium paid by the companies on the job market.

In current economy, volatility of commodities prices stimulated the growth of commodities trading houses and in our opinion will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

It will indirectly lead to a widening gap in supply of adequately skilled workforce.

We strive to fulfill the gap by providing a relevant training to our course participants.

Available through:

  • regular courses for individuals in London
  • customized training solutions for corporates – worldwide
  • guest lectures/courses for educational institutions – worldwide.

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